Student Trustee

The Student Trustee is the liaison between SGA and the Board of Trustees. This position requires great time, responsibility, and commitment. The student trustee is required to attend ALL Board of Trustees meetings and off campus events (i.e. conferences, state meetings, etc.) as the Rock Valley College student representative.

Meet the 2023-2024 Candidate(s)

We are excited to have one extremely qualified candidate running for the 2023-2024 Student Trustee Position.

Student Trustee Juan Nogueda

Juan Nogueda

Get to Know Juan Nogueda

I am a current student at RVC pursuing my Associate in Applied Science Degree in Fire Science. I have been granted the opportunity to plan and participate in EMT (emergency medical technician) program and firefighter showcases and informative events for local high schools here at our Health Science Building. All of these wonderful opportunities have allowed me to develop solid communication skills and important attributes required of a position of this nature. Such as public speaking, an inclusive work ethic, event planning, and personnel management.

I have the blessing of being the oldest sibling of two wonderful sisters. Through them, I see the importance of investing time and attention in the present, the future, and valuing the past. They serve as my pure motivation in being an active member here at RVC and within the local community as well.

I am proud to be a student at Rock Valley College because it has created a path that leads to the possibility of working in my dream career as a Firefighter and becoming an active member of the community. It is through this path that I have acquired the opportunity of contributing to the well-being of this unique and evolving campus. I have been involved in ALAS for three semesters and CAB for two, where I am serving vice president terms for both of these clubs since the fall semester of 2022.

The position of Student Trustee will grant me the opportunity to further expand my opportunities to contribute to the well-being of students on campus. By working with the Board of Trustees, I will be able to sustain and improve the communication and interaction between leadership and students. This will help to assure that students know who they are being led by and who the Board of Trustees is leading.

One of the projects I would like to implement is to increase the presence of students not just in the recreational events, but in the usage of all of the resources available to us as students here on campus. I believe this will better prepare students for their future career and impact on the community. This will also enable Rock Valley College to continue producing the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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