Disability Support Services

Accessibility Support

Disability Support Services (DSS) envisions a college community that is universally accessible to all members of the campus community; provides an equal opportunity to students with disabilities; and recognizes all individuals for their talents, abilities, and contributions.

New students should review the Accommodations Process to get started. Students who are already registered with Disability Support Services can manage their accommodations via the Accommodations Portal.

Accommodations Process Accommodations Portal

Community resources may be found on the Accessibility at RVC page.


Contact Us

  • Disability Support Services
  • (815) 921-2371
  • RVC Main Campus
    Student Center, Ground Floor
  • Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


RVC Raise Program: The Raising Aspirations through an Inclusive Student Experience (RAISE) program is an inclusive and supportive post-secondary program for young adults who have intellectual disabilities and who desire to participate in a comprehensive college experience. Learn more about RAISE.

Requesting Accommodations

Manage Requests

Students who are already registered with Disability Support Services can manage their accommodations via the online portal.

Accommodations Portal

Custom Requests

Custom Requests may be submitted for Sign Language Interpreting or Real-Time Captioning. Access the online portal to submit your request.

Submit a Custom Request

Getting Started

New students should review the process to learn how to request accommodations temporarily or for an academic year.

Accommodations Process

About Student Accommodations

Accessing Accommodations

The DSS Accommodations Portal is the online system that allows students to access and manage their accommodations and communications with the DSS office. Through the portal, students can:

  • Submit their Disability Services initial online application
  • Review accommodations they are eligible for
  • Check out equipment and assistive technology
  • Check their mailbox for messages from DSS staff

Accommodations Portal

Students log in to the portal by using the same Username (Student ID Number) and Password they use to access all other college systems. It is very important to become familiar with the portal and understand how to use it, as this is how certain accommodations will be coordinated, and where you will receive important communications regarding them. If you need assistance or would like training on using the portal please contact our team.

There are two types of accommodations: Standard and Non-Standard. It is important to understand which type you are eligible for as the process for requesting is different for each.


Types of Accommodations

Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations apply to timed quizzes, midterms, and finals. More specifically, exam accommodations apply to any timed written assessment that is designed to be completed in a single sitting and is graded for accuracy. Exam accommodations typically do not apply to lab work, homework/projects, or untimed "take-home style" exams which students can complete over multiple days. If you see a need for your exam accommodations to apply to anything on this list, please contact DSS to discuss.

The most common exam accommodation is extended time (either 1.5x or 2.0x), although students may be eligible for other accommodations such as:

  • Alternative format (ex. large print, Braille, electronic)
  • Student aide services (ex. reader, scribe, lab assistant)
  • Specialized environment (ex. reduced-distraction room, soft lighting, white noise machine)
  • Adaptive equipment and assistive technology

If your exams are designed to be administered in-person, typically, students opt to take their exams in the RVC Testing Center, where accommodations are proctored by the Testing Center. However, student situations vary and specific details regarding how and when your exam accommodations will be coordinated will be included on your Faculty Notification Letter.

A scheduled appointment is required for students taking their exam or quiz in the Testing Center with any of the following accommodations:

  • Student aide services (reader, scribe, or lab assistant)
  • Specialized environment, including a reduced-distraction room
  • Adaptive equipment and/or assistive technology
  • Alternative format exam

If your exam is designed to be taken at home utilizing Canvas or other virtual assessment method, you should communicate with your instructors about logistics (i.e. applying extended time in Canvas). If you have concerns with this setup, please contact DSS.

  1. At the start of the term, confirm with your instructor your need for extended time. Instructors are responsible for setting up extended time in Canvas by adjusting the time limit, availability windows, and/or due dates.
  2. We strongly recommend that you confirm that your time allotted, availability window, and due date are correct before starting a Canvas exam or quiz.
  3. If the exam or quiz settings are incorrect, please reach out to your instructor. If you are having difficulty contacting your instructor, please contact DSS.

Students should reference the Testing Center Guidelines for important information on coordinating exam accommodations in the Testing Center.


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Policies & Procedures

The Grievance Process may be found in the Student Handbook.

For information on other policies, such as Service Animals on campus, please refer to the Board Policy Manual or contact Disability Support Services.