Associate in Science

About the Program

This degree is for students who plan to major in science-related disciplines such as biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, medical technology, pharmacy, occupational and physical therapy, physics, and veterinary medicine.

Degree Requirements

The curriculum for the Associate in Science degree consists of 64 credits:

  • STU-100 Planning for Success (1 credit)
  • Communications (9 credits)
  • Humanities/Fine Arts (6 credits)
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)
  • Mathematics (8 credits)
  • Physical & Life Sciences (16 credits)
  • Electives (18 credits)*

For planning guides and a complete listing of course options, please see the College Catalog.

*The electives taken at RVC may serve as prerequisites for majors at baccalaureate institutions. Students should meet with an academic advisor to verify course selection based on major and transfer institution. Students should also check with the college or university they plan to transfer to and confirm course selection. Students are responsible for knowing the specific requirements of the institution they are considering for transfer and should consult with those institutions directly.

Program Pathways

Students should meet with an Academic Advisor to develop a clear pathway leading to a seamless transfer experience or transition to the workforce. For additional possibilities that may require an advanced degree or certification, make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

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This information is only a tool that will be updated periodically. Please check with the College Catalog and the Academic Advising Office for updates.

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is a statewide transfer agreement, which is transferable among more than 100 participating colleges and universities in Illinois. IAI works best for students who know they are going to transfer but are undecided on the college or university that will grant their baccalaureate degree. Learn more at




I chose the Associate in Science degree because I plan to go to medical school. This is the best degree for me as it has opened my eyes to more entry-level courses like Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy that I’ll take when I attend a university. Starting at RVC helped prepare me for what it’s like and what I’ll be doing.

Alyssa Bird
Graduate, Associate in Science, 2023