Rockford, Illinois

Wi-Fi Access

Note: Use of the RVC Wi-Fi networks, except RVC-GUEST, require authentication via an employee or student account for tracking purposes. Employees and Students use their network accounts for access. Employees may request an account for a long-term Guest by using the Quarry at Info. Technology/IT HelpDesk/Guest Network Account Request. Access to the Microsoft update web-site is blocked on all computers at RVC, wired or wireless, to conserve bandwidth. 

The RVC Wireless Networks (SSIDs)


This is for RVC-owned laptops that can log into the network.  You must setup RVC using your network login and password, which requires a one-time secure setup on your laptop.  A request can be made through an eticket.  Once your laptop is set up, you will not be required to manually supply login credentials whenever you connect.   RVC-owned laptops will have access to network files, printing and the Internet.   

If employees login to this network using a personal device, access to the Internet and other resources may be slower and you will not have access to network files, printing, and other RVC resources.  If students login to this network, they will have access to the Internet only. 



Employees and students with network accounts can use this to access the Internet* using Wi-Fi capable personal devices (tablets, phones, laptops).You will have to log in using your network account through a web browser; however, it is not a secure network and you will only have access to the Internet*.This is not a permanent connection; whenever you switch locations, you may be required to log back in. This is the fastest option for employees and students using your own devices.

This is what you will see when you open your browser under the RVC-Easy-Web Wi-Fi.


Open access to the Internet* for RVC guests for short-term access.   It is not secure, has limited-bandwidth and may slow down at times, depending on how many people are using it. 


If you are an employee and have an Apple iOS device, we have several enabled locations which allow you to 'mirror' your device output to the workstation and onto the projector, using RVC's wi-fi. These instructions are subject to change as we roll out more areas which are enabled for mirroring. Employees will not have access to local RVC file and print services when using this network.

RVC Wi-Fi Resources


Test Video Files

These video files are local at RVC and will help you test if your wi-fi connection is working or not.  If these local RVC videos play for you, but other Internet-based videos do not, then the problem is due to delays related to Internet services or remote website congestion.


RVC Wireless Access Point Locations

These maps indicate where wireless access points are positioned but may not necessarily indicate signal strength in certain areas.  These maps are subject to change due to adjustments and improvements in our wireless network.  Efforts will be made to update these maps as substantial changes are made by adding or moving wireless access points.