Rock Valley College

Student ID

If you are an RVC student, you may obtain a student ID card that contain your name and student ID number.

How to Obtain an RVC Student ID

  1. To obtain your student ID, you may go to the Welcome Center located in the Student Center on our main campus. 
  2. You must bring a valid photo ID and your current class schedule to obtain your student ID.
  3. Enter the campus via the Mulford Road entrance. Parking Lot 1 (one) is available for guests. Upon entering the Student Center, you will need to check-in with our staff.
  4. Plan to allow time for check-in at the Welcome Center.
  5. Please understand that if you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, we may have to reschedule.
  6. A face mask is required to enter the building and must be worn during your entire visit. After you complete your appointment, you may briefly visit other departments to drop off paperwork. After that, we request that you promptly check-out at the Welcome Center.

With your ID, you will be able to:

Smiling student with brand new student ID from the Student Center Information Desk