Rock Valley College

Study Resources and Guides

Being a successful student requires more than just going to class. There are skills that can help you become a more prepared, better learner, and they can be learned! Check out the following topics:

Aids to Remembering
No one is blessed with a good memory or cursed with a poor one.

Flashcards as an Aid to Memory
Much of studying involves the remembering of different kinds of information.

One of the most common problems reported by students is "I can't concentrate."

Overcoming Procrastination
Tips to manage your time effectively and change your attitude/behavior.

Math Anxiety
Throughout school many students felt there was no reason to take math.

Notetaking from a lecture
Many students may try to write down every word of an instructor's lecture.

Problem Solving
The Problem Solver is a systematic guideline for solving problems.

Test Taking Skills
Do you "freeze up" in the testing situation? Here's help.

Textbook - Read & Study
An efficient method for reading and studying college text material.

The Writing Process
Writing is a circular process and certain guidelines must be followed to get from one component to the next.