Rock Valley College

SQ3R Technique


Read to get the general idea of the chapter. Read titles, subtitles, pictures and captions, introductions, maps and charts and summaries. This tells you what the chapter is about. Now you have an idea of where you are going and what to expect.


  1. Make the subtitles into questions.
  2. This gives you a real reason for reading.
  3. The questions will help you concentrate on the subject you are reading.
  4. Work on one subtitle at a time


  1. Read to find the answers to the questions.
  2. The answers you find will be the important facts and details.
  3. Don't do anything except read.


  1. Go back and ask the questions again. Can you answer them? If not, skim to find the answers again.
  2. Underline - Remember! Underline the outline!
  3. Do any other work with the chapter which has been assigned.


  1. Usually class discussion will serve as first review. If you have underlined well, you can review the chapter anytime intelligently.
  2. Review periodically, once every week.