Rock Valley College

Note Taking from a Lecture

Using the Cornell System of Notetaking

Width is 2-1/2 inches

This is called the cue column where key words and questions are formed from the main ideas in the recording column
Write date of lecture

Width is 6 inches

Record notes from class lecture in this column.


To record information selectively
Write in a legible manner
Use abbreviations and symbols that you can remember easily

***With a plain sheet of paper, you can block out the notes in the six inch column exposed. This allows you to quiz yourself by reciting the answer(s) to the key words or questions you have formed in the cue column. To check for accuracy, slip the plain sheet of paper down to uncover the information that answers the question. If your answer was incorrect or incomplete, cover the record column and recite again. It is important to have an accurate image from the beginning. Also remember that review should be done often to keep the information in

Summary section:

Write one or two sentences that summarizes your page of notes. This will serve as an easy reference when studying for exams.