Rock Valley College

Doing Math Homework

1. Review the textbook material that relates to the homework.

2. Review your lecture notes that relate to the homework.

3. Do your homework as neatly as possible.

4. Write down every step of the homework problems.

5. Understand the reasons for doing each set of the homework problems. Do not memorize how to do the problems.

6. If you do not understand how to do a problem, follow these steps:

  • Review the textbook material that relates to the problem.
  • Review the lecture notes that relate to the problem. 
  • Review any similar problems, diagrams, examples or rules that explain the misunderstood material. 
  • Refer to another math textbook, math computer software, or math video to obtain a better understanding of the material 
  • Call your study buddy. 
  • Skip the problem and contact your tutor or math instructor as soon as possible for help.

7. Always finish your homework by successfully completing problems. Even if you get stuck, go back and successfully complete previous problems before quitting.

8. After finishing your homework assignment, recall to yourself or write down the most important learned concepts.

9. Make up note cards containing hard to remember problems or concepts.

10. Do not get behind in your math homework even if you have to do homework everyday!

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