Rock Valley College

Wi-Fi Access


  • Use of the RVC Wi-Fi networks, except RVC-GUEST, require authentication via an employee or student account for greater access to services and higher internet speeds.
  • Employees and Students use their network accounts for access.
  • Employees may request an account for a long-term Guest by using the Quarry/Info. Technology/IT HelpDesk/Guest Network Account Request. 

The RVC Wireless Networks (SSIDs)


RVC is the preferred network for all employees and students.  Once you set up your device to use RVC, you can roam the various campuses and buildings without having to manually reconnect to Wifi. It is also the fastest and most secure of the wireless networks on campus. 

RVC-owned laptops have access to network files, network printing, and other RVC network resources.  Employees needing assistance getting their RVC-owned laptop configured to access the RVC network may submit an eTicket. Once set up, you will not be required to manually supply login credentials when you connect.

Employees and students using their personal devices and network accounts (e# or s#) have access to the Internet only. 


Guests at RVC may use their personal device to connect to the Internet for short-term access.  Employees and students are NOT considered guests and should use RVC for their connection.  This is not an automatic connection; when you change buildings or campuses, you will need to reconnect.  This network is not secure, has limited-bandwidth and may slow down at times, depending on traffic.


Employees with a personal Apple iOS device can use their network account (e#) to ‘mirror' device output to the instructor workstation and onto the projector, using RVC's Wifi.  Instructor stations throughout the college have the required software installed.  Employees will not have access to local RVC file and print services when using this network.