Rock Valley College

Laptop Rental Program

About the Program

In conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA), Rock Valley College provides a laptop rent program for students who cannot afford to purchase a PC or laptop but need one to be successful in RVC courses. 

Laptops are available from the EAGLE Support office on the second floor of the Educational Resource Center (ERC 2402) on a first come, first served basis. No waitlist is maintained.

About the Laptops

  • Laptops are equipped with wireless network cards for use where wireless access exists. For example, wireless networking is available throughout campus.
  • All laptops are "bare bones" systems with Internet capability. No productivity software will be installed, but EAGLE Support can assist with loading Office 365.

For assistance, contact EAGLE Support at (815)-921-4646

Questions About the Rental Program

Who can rent a laptop?

Any current student.

How long can I rent a laptop?

Laptops may be rented for one semester at a time with the option to renew. 

How do I rent a laptop?

  1. Bring your valid student ID to the EAGLE Support office (ERC 2402) to see if a laptop is available. If you do not currently have a student ID, please bring your a valid photo ID and a copy of your schedule.

  2. If a laptop is available, complete a Deposit Form for Laptop Rental.

  3. Take the completed Deposit Form for Laptop Rental to the Accounts Receivable department (located on the second floor of the Student Center) and pay the $50 fee for the semester.

  4. Take your receipt to EAGLE Support and complete a Liability and Rental Agreement Form. 

  5. Inspect the laptop and its components (allow 15 minutes) and, if desired, download Office 365 (allow 20 minutes).