Rock Valley College

iTunesU FAQs

Is iTunes U free?

Yes! Content on Rock Valley College on iTunes U is free for preview and download. You will not have to pay to access available audio and video.

Do I have to open a browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari in order to get to iTunes U?

Yes, iTunes U is only available through a browser window. It will automatically open the iTunes program after you click the "Go to Rock Valley College on iTunes U Now!"

Who can upload podcasts to iTunes U?

At the present time, only faculty with registered courses and site administrators are able to upload content to Rock Valley College on iTunes U.

Do I have to have an iPod to use iTunes U?

No, you do not have to use an iPod to access the site or to download content. The iTunes program is supported on both Windows and Mac platforms. A portable media player such as an iPod allows you to take your media with you when you are away from your computer.