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Whether you’re on campus or at home, we’re here for you!

Struggling with a specific class? Need help with your coursework?

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Meet online with an RVC Tutor

RVC Tutors have taken the courses, know the material & have been recommended by professors.

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When no RVC Tutor is available, an Upswing Tutor is!

If an RVC tutor is not available at the time you need or for the course you need, an Upswing tutor is.

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Meet online with an RVC Writing Coach

Having a tough time getting started on or revising a paper or essay? RVC Writing Coaches teach our English Composition courses and know what your professors are looking for in written work.

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Submit a written assignment to a Writing Coach for review

A Writing Coach will review your draft, provide helpful comments and return it to you in less than 48 hours.


More Help and Resources


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  • GoBoard (NEW for Tutoring; see video at this link in the top right corner under Learn More)
  • Upswing (also for Tutoring)
  • Upswing/AskUp (for submitting a paper for review)
  • CLEP (earn college credit for what you know)

COVID FAQs for Students


Tutors & Writing Coaches

Meet online with an RVC tutor, RVC Writing Center coach who specializes in your subject/course. For an RVC tutor or RVC Writing Center coach, go to the Tutoring Center or Writing Center page and click on the link “Meet Online with an RVC Tutor” or “Meet Online with an RVC Writing Coach.” You will need to create a TMS account and verify that you are an RVC student with your RVC email. The RVC Writing Coaches have a Badge next to their name indicating that they are an RVC Writing Coach.

Upload a Written Assignment for an RVC Writing Center coach or an Upswing writing tutor to review for you, by clicking on “Submit a Paper, Assignment or Essay for Review.” Keep in mind, on average, that your paper will be returned to you with feedback within 48 hours, usually much sooner. You will need to login to Upswing using your RVC ID number and password.

If there is no RVC tutor or Writing Center coach available, click on “When No RVC Tutor is Available, Click Here!” or “When No RVC Writing Center Coach is Available, Click Here.” You will need to login to Upswing using your RVC ID number and password.

Visit the online Writing Lab to learn step-by-step how to tackle and master the writing process. The link to this can be found under “Resources” or “Study Resources and Guides.”

Format citations in MLA and APA for your Works Cited or Reference List page with a super-fast, online citation engine. The link to this can also be found under “Resources” or “Study Resources and Guides.”

Upswing How to Videos:

Help using TMS or Upswing:

Librarians & Research Help

  • Don't exactly know what you need for your assignment or where to find it? A librarian can help! 
  • Librarians are available online by CHAT through the library web page, Monday - Friday, 10am - 12pm and 3pm - 5pm.
  • To chat, look for the green "Chat now" button. You may also email, or call (815) 921-4619 to leave a message for a librarian to return your call.
  • Databases, Ebooks, and LibGuides are all available at a distance. You may be asked to sign in with your RVC ID number and password. 
  • List of databases
  • LibGuides
  • Guides contain resources compiled by librarians to help you find information. Within a LibGuide you may find a list of databases, tutorials, Ebooks, and research tips pertinent to the subject or topic it covers. 
  • For more information on library support for online learning, please visit our Library Distance Learning Service page. 
  • If you have additional questions about physical materials, current checkouts, Interlibrary Loans, or other general library questions, please email S.Nissen@rockvalleycollege.eduor call (815) 921-4615 to leave a message.