Rockford, Illinois

Belvidere Dual Credit

Belvidere District 100 and Rock Valley College have forged a partnership to provide all District 100 high school students an opportunity to earn college credits. Students earn what is called “dual credit” for courses. For example, for each college course a student completes he/she simultaneously earns both high school and college credits. Participating high schools include Belvidere and Belvidere North. 



  • Full-time enrollment on site at RVC.
  • Complete one-year general education courses or a two-year degree.

The Running Start program already has several years of students successfully completing as much as two, full years of college credits. This option works well for students who are ready to immerse themselves in the college environment.



  • Part time enrollment at Belvidere North High School.
  • Students may take some high school classes and some college-level classes.

This new program offers all of the benefits of dual credit without the travel to Rock Valley College. This option works well for students who want to take part in extra-curricular activities in high school, yet are ready to complete college courses.

The chart below will help you compare your options and choose the best one for you:

  Running Start - 2 year program
(Junior & Senior year)
Running Start - 1 year program
(Senior year only)  
Dual Credit at BNHS
(Sophomore, Junior, & Senior year)
General Eligibility Requirements
Meet pre-selection citeria and test at college level in Reading, English, and Math   Meet pre-selection citeria and test at college level in Reading, English, and Math   Test at college level in Reading, English, and Math  
Class Location   All classes located at Rock Valley College   All classes located at Rock Valley College   All classes located at Belvidere North High School  
Rock Valley College Degree Completion   Yes No No
College Credits   Minimum of 64 RVC credits earned and Associates of Science or Associate of Arts degree   Earn average of 30 - 36 college credits and complete RVC Communications Core   Earn an average of 3 college credits per course; Limited to predetermined courses  
Course Selection   High School & RVC degree completion   Based on RVC's academic offerings and High School completion   Limited to predetermined courses  
Tuition & Fees   Paid by High School District   Paid by High School District   Paid by High School District  
Textbook Costs
Students are responsible   Students are responsible   Students are responsible  

Benefits of Earning College Credit While You're Still in High School

  • Earning college credits while in high school gives students an early start on their future career.

  • Students learn the rigors of college work early and can adjust study habits if needed.

  • Students gain confidence in dealing with college level work.

  • Students are able to demonstrate their ability to complete college level work when applying for admission to colleges.

  • A recent study by the Community College Research Center shows that college students who have taken college dual credit courses received higher grade point averages (GPA) and persisted in completing a college credential at a greater rate than their peers.

  • Dual Credit courses allow students to better transition to college life while still close to home.

  • Students can complete courses at low cost—Belvidere School District pays the RVC tuition.


Program Requirements

High school studentsHigh school students enrolling in college-level courses must satisfy the same course placement tests or course prerequisites as college level students, when applicable, to assure that they are qualified and prepared. All students must take the RVC placement exam or submit ACT scores to qualify to participate in college credit programs.


How to Enroll

If you have already enrolled in Belvidere high school classes, adjustments to your high school schedule will be granted to allow you to enroll in college credit courses. For more information or to enroll in college credit courses, we invite you to call Rock Valley College High School Connections at (815) 921-4080.