Rock Valley College

Information for Note Takers

Assistance with note-taking is an accommodation that may benefit students who need to focus their attention and concentration on listening, or who find taking notes difficult due to a physical, visual, learning, or hearing limitation. There are a variety of options for students to consider for note-taking assistance, including the use of technological devices (ex., digital recorders and LiveScribe smart pens). Some students, however, may request a student to take notes for them. 

Your role as a  note taker is very important to ensuring that the student has equal access to the course content. Note takers should possess the ability to focus and take comprehensive and well-structured notes. In addition, it is essential that note takers maintain confidentiality at all times. Additional expectations for note takers are outlined in the Code of Ethics.

All note takers must:

  1. Register with Disability Support Services (DSS) and pick up the Note taker packet;
  2. Complete a 1-hour, online note taker training through;
  3. Fill out and turn in all forms on time; and
  4. Complete all additional necessary steps outlined in the packet.

Note: All steps MUST be completed if compensation is desired.  Compensation will be made in the form of a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card (one card per note taker per class where all requirements above were met.)

For questions or more information on the note taking procedure, please call (815) 921-2371.