Rock Valley College

Information for Note Takers

Assistance with note-taking is an accommodation that may benefit students who need to focus their attention and concentration on listening, or who find taking notes difficult due to a physical, visual, learning, or hearing limitation. There are a variety of options for students to consider for note-taking assistance, including the use of technological devices (ex., digital recorders and LiveScribe smart pens). Some students, however, may request a student to take notes for them.

The role of a note taker is very important to ensuring that the student has equal access to the course content. Note takers should possess the ability to focus and take comprehensive and well-structured notes. In addition, it is essential that note takers maintain confidentiality at all times. Additional expectations for note takers are outlined in the Code of Ethics.

How to Become a Note Taker:

STEP 1: Complete and return to the Disability Support Services (DSS) office the signed and completed Note Taker and Student Agreement Form within 2 weeks..

STEP 2: Pick up Carbon paper from the Disability Support Services office (if desired).

STEP 3: Review the Tips for Successful Note-takers and the Collaborative Process forms found in your packet.

STEP 4 (optional but recommended):  Complete a 1-hour, online note taker training through the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) and provide DSS with a copy of your "Verification of Training Completion Certificate".

To complete the note taker training:
  • Go to:;
  • Click on “Go to Online Notetaker Training Module”;
  • Register with DCMP by clicking on the yellow text box that says “Apply for a Free Membership”;
  • Go to your e-mail account and validate e-mail address; and
  • Click on eLearning Modules on training website

Note: Typically note takers are volunteers and are not compensated for their service.  However, the DSS Director will provide a letter of acknowledgement to students upon request. 

For questions or more information on the note taking procedure, please call (815) 921-2371.