Rock Valley College

Accessibility Resources for the Community

The College is committed to ensuring that all community members have access to our events, programs, and facilities. The following information is provided as a guide to members who may require specific assistance due to a disability. 

Starlight Theatre
Rock Valley College is home to one of the most beautiful and unusual open air theatre venues. The Bengt Sjostrom (Starlight) Theatre provides entertainment and enrichment for the community through numerous shows that are performed each year.  The theatre is equipped with a Phonak MyLink FM (assistive listening) system for patrons who are hearing impaired. Receivers can be checked out from the box office: (815) 921-2160. 

Individuals who require short-term assistance while on campus (i.e.., getting to/from an event, parking lot, or building on campus) may check out a manual wheelchair from the Information Center (located on the main level of the Student Center): (815) 921-4636.  Please note that individuals must be able to operate the chair (or have a designated helper) independently.  The Starlight Theatre also has a wheelchair available for theatre patrons and it can be checked out through the box office: (815) 921-2160. 

Accessible Building Locations
Much effort has been invested in ensuring that campus facilities (buildings and grounds) are accessible.  Automatic door openers, elevators, handicapped parking spaces, and the locations of other accessibility features at the main campus (Mulford Road location) can be found in the campus map.

Sign Language Interpreters
Community members who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing and require the use of a sign language interpreter to access a College-sponsored event may request one online, or by calling (815) 921-2371.  Requests should be made as early as possible.

The well-being and safety of guests is a priority.  If at any time, emergency assistance is required, Campus Police can be contacted at the following numbers: Emergency: (815) 654-4357 (HELP) or Non- Emergency: (815) 921-4350.  In addition, blue emergency call boxes are located throughout our campuses and when used, will connect directly to the Campus Police office.

The Disability Support Services office provides accommodations and assistance for individuals who have disabilities and can be contacted for questions and concerns regarding any accessibility-related issues: (815) 921-2371.