Rock Valley College

Assistive Technology

Specialized software or equipment, generally referred to as assistive technology (AT), is available to students with a variety of disabilities.  AT products provide alternative ways for a student to access a program or service, complete a task, and/or to improve his/her efficiency by minimizing the effect(s) of the disability. AT products can range from low-tech (e.g., an alternative keyboard or a magnifying glass) to high-tech (e.g., screen reading software or a recording device). Computers located throughout the RVC campus have various AT software programs installed.  In addition, the DSS office has a large inventory of equipment that may be checked out free-of-charge by students with disabilities on a loaner basis.   For more information on AT, call our office at (815) 921-2371.

Assistive Technologies Available on Campus

There are many different types of assistive technology products available for students with disabilities to utilize. Various software programs, such as screen reading, magnification, and voice recognition programs are installed on computers across campus.  The DSS office also has a large inventory of various AT products and equipment available for students to check out on a loaner basis.  Equipment may be loaned on a semester basis and is free-of-charge to students.

Some of the AT products available at RVC is listed below:


Equipment Available to Loan:

  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • iPads
  • Livescribe Smartpens
  • C-Pen Readers
  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers
  • Talking Organizers
  • Portable Audio Bookplayers
  • Intel Reader (portable device to scan and convert printed text into audio)
  • Mobile Text Scanner (Scan, store, and transfer text to computer)

We have many more products available! For more information or to inquire about AT products or loaning a device, contact the DSS office at (815) 921-2371.