Rock Valley College

Vocational Pathways

Students participating in the RAISE Certificate program will identify a particular vocational area in which he or she desires to work.  This “Pathway” will serve as the basis for course selection and the identification of a work experience for the internship component of the program. 

Students will work in consultation with the program Advisor to identify courses that align with his or her chosen pathway.  The pathway should align with the student’s individual interests, abilities, and goals and will consist of approximately 15-16 credits of coursework.

The following are program-approved pathways:

  • Transportation, Logistics & Supply 
  • Education & Training (Early Childhood Education)
  • Food Handler
  • Health Science (Certified Nursing Assistant)
  • Business Management & Administration (Office Professional)
  • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology & Communications (Cross Media Production)
  • General Studies (Customizable to student’s interests and goals

Pathway-specific coursework may be audited or taken for credit, but must be selected from the approved list in order to be counted toward the program requirements. 

Refer to the RAISE Certificate Requirements document which outlines the specific coursework required for each of the approved pathways.