Rock Valley College

Eligibility & Application Procedure

Prospective students who wish to be considered for the RAISE program must complete a screening process to ensure that they are appropriate for the program and can meet all established program objectives.  Final candidate selection will be at the discretion of the Program Coordinator. Please note that one’s admission into the program does not guarantee success. Program progression and individual student outcomes will be dictated by the student’s overall performance and ability to meet the established program goals.

Eligibility Requirements:

Appropriate candidates for the RAISE program are those who:

  • Are between the ages of 18-22 (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Program Coordinator)
  • Have a history of receiving special education services;
  • Have a documented intellectual disability;
  • Have reading, math, and written language skills at or above a 3rd grade level;
  • Are able to follow the required college code of conduct;
  • Are able to manage all self-care needs;
  • Have sufficient emotional stability to participate in and adjust to all aspects of the program; and
  • Are motivated and have realistic and tangible career and outcome goals

How to Apply:

  1. Complete and Return the Application Packet

Interested applicants must submit all of the following in order to be considered for program participation:

  • RVC Enrollment Form;
  • Student Information Sheet;
  • Intake Questionnaire;
  • FERPA Form; and
  • Enrollment Checklist

Application packets may be picked up from the Disability Support Services (DSS) front desk, located on the Ground Floor of the Student Center and should be returned to DSS once completed.

  1. Participate in an Informational Interview

Once the application packet has been received and reviewed, the Program Coordinator will contact the student to schedule an informational interview. This will be an opportunity for the Coordinator to get to know the student better, discuss specific goals and program objectives, and determine whether the student is a good fit for the program.

For more information or to inquire about admission into the RAISE program, please contact Scott Ramsby at (815) 921-4125.