Rock Valley College

RAISE Program Cost/Funding

Program Tuition

The cost of attending the RAISE Program each semester depends on the type of courses in which the student enrolls.

  • Tuition for RAISE core courses is $300 per class, which typically includes all instructional materials.
    Core courses include: STU 015, STU 016, BUS 014, BUS 013, FWS 018, and FIN 015
  • Tuition for non-core courses vary according to the type of course, but generally do not include cost of instructional materials.
    Non-core courses include audit, credit, and transitional courses.

For more information on program tuition or costs, refer to the Paying Tuition document.


Students who are enrolled in, or accepted for enrollment in, a comprehensive transition and postsecondary (CTP) program may be eligible for certain types of federal financial aid.  Therefore, students who register for non-core coursework may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for consideration of some types of federal financial aid.  For more information on applying for financial aid, refer to the Applying for Financial Aid document.


Although core coursework is not eligible for financial aid, there are scholarships for all other coursework available through the Rock Valley College Foundation. 

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