Rock Valley College

Note-Taking Services

Assistance with note taking is an accommodation that may benefit students who need to focus their attention and concentration on listening, or who find taking notes difficult due to a physical, visual, learning, or hearing limitation. Students should take an active role in attempting to secure a note taker, and asking their instructor for assistance when necessary.

Volunteer note-takers are typically peers in the student's class. Note-takers may be obtained by:

  • Informing the instructor of the need for a note-taker;
  • Having the instructor make an announcement when class begins; or
  • Asking another student in the class, who is reliable and has good note-taking skills, to take notes.

Usually note-takers readily volunteer. They are already taking notes for themselves, so the student is not asking them to do more than what they are already doing. Students having difficulty locating a note-taker, or who have concerns regarding the quality of the notes, should discuss this with his/her instructor, or contact the DSS office for assistance. A sample letter to share with note-takers is included within the Forms link to the left.

If two or more students volunteer to be note-takers, ask them to submit a copy of their notes to review. Ask one volunteer to be a "substitute" note-taker in the event the primary note-taker is not available. It is helpful for students and note-takers to exchange contact information and the student should supply the note-taker with NCR paper for note taking (can be obtained from the DSS office). At the end of class, both students should have a copy of notes.

A note-taker is not a substitute for class attendance. It is not the note-taker's responsibility to supply the student with notes for classes he/she missed. The student and note-taker should establish "up front" what the note-taker agrees to do in situations where the student receiving notes is absent from class.