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Learning (previously known as Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic), makes educational materials accessible to individuals who have print disabilities, such a blindness, or a learning disability. Learning Ally currently has over 65,000 titles digitally available for learners who meet the eligibility requirements. 

The annual membership fee is $99.

How do I get access to Learning Ally?

To qualify for Learning Ally, you must have your disability certified. 

To register for Learning Ally Resources follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Register Today"
  3. Click on "Register Online now for immediate access"
  4. Complete all the pages with required information
  5. Disability Certification
    • Select "I will be certified by an expert" under the Select A Certification Option
    • Select "Email a form to certifier" under the "Select a Certification Format"
    • Complete the following information for the Certifying Professional
      • First Name: Lynn
      • Last Name: Shattuck
      • Title/Professional Specialty: Disability Services
      • Place of Employment: Rock Valley College
      • Email Address:
  6. Review all information for accuracy prior to submission.
  7. Click on "Finalize Order"

After finalizing your account, you will receive an email stating "New Account Created." Remember to activate your account by clicking on the link within this message.

This process is not complete until you receive a second email stating, "Certification Complete" which will then grant you access to all the audio books and other resources Learning Ally can offer you.

How do I use Learning Ally?

Learning Ally allows you to access Daisy books via a variety of methods:

1. Downloadable DAISY Books provide instant access with enhanced navigation, bookmarking and variable speed control. Play from Microsoft® Windows® compatible computer with Learning Ally enabled software or specialized DAISY players.

You can download a free DAISY player for your computer at home by 'ordering' a copy from the Learning Ally website.  The 'ordering' process will confirm your purchase is free, and you can proceed to the "My Downloads" area where you can select your item.

2. DAISY CDs offer enhanced navigation and play on Learning Ally enabled specialized DAISY players.

3. Downloadable books in WMA (Windows Media Audio) play on Microsoft Windows based computer using Windows Media Player version 10 or higher. These books can be synched to commercial MP3 players with DRM capabilities.

To Search for a book:

You can search the book catalog by selecting "Book Catalog" from the tab menu. Use the book's title and/or author to help narrow your search.  Within this area you can select DAISY CDs, download the DAISY file, or download a Windows Media Player format.  This then will allow you purchase the item(s) similar to an online shopping site.  If you purchased the downloadable format, you will need to go back to your "My Downloads" area to download the appropriate book files.  If you purchase the CD, the book(s) will arrive at the address you provided during registration.

Note: For a $20 fee you can get an application, that will allow you listen to files on your iPhone or iPad.