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Establishing a Collaborative Relationship

Tips for Developing a Successful Mentoring Relationship

The mentee-mentor relationship no doubt offers benefits to both parties. The stability of a positive, supportive role model can do wonders for a mentee&#’;s to the appropriate sources for additional help.

BE ACCEPTING OF ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS: Even if you don’t share your mentee & HONEST: Nobody’s perfect. If you make mistakes, admit them. Say you are sorry. This sets a good example for students to follow.

BE SINCERE: Knowing that someone cares and is “on their side” can make a big difference in the life of a new student.

REMAIN POSITIVE: Ask yourself, “What encouragement can I offer if my mentor disappoints himself or herself?” Mentors are in the business of helping young people to make the most of their lives. Allow the mentee to make a few mistakes so they can learn new things.

  BELIEVE: Many new students struggle with self-esteem. Your faith in them can be the greatest gift you can give.