Rock Valley College

Disability Services Alternative Text Request Form

If you need your textbooks provided in an alternative format (ex., large print, Braille, CD) this form must be completed and turned in to the Coordinator of Disability Support Services.  Due to the amount of time required to provide this accommodation, a minimum of six weeks time must be given to complete the preferred format. Students who request an alternative text choice without sufficient advance notice may be offered an alternate format which will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be guaranteed by the start of classes.

Please complete this request form for each textbook you need converted.

Example: CIS-102-E010
Example: June 2010
By clicking on the above box you agree to the following criteria:

All students requesting alternate text must be registered with the DSS office.

The DSS office may, on occasion, only be able to convert the chapters or sections of the text book(s) that are required for the class. For this reason you must present the DSS office with a copy of all course syllabi before conversion can be started.

Only books/materials that have not been marked or highlighted will be accepted. In addition, some books that contain a lot of graphs, pictures, symbols, numbers, etc. may not be possible due to the difficulty of the OCR software recognizing the information.

Students are required to purchase a hard copy of all textbooks. Due to copyright issues, the DSS office must see a copy of the textbook and/or receipt before conversion can begin.

In accordance with copyright law, converted material may not be copied and/or re-sold.

All CD-ROMs, discs and cassette tapes should be returned to the DSS office at the end of the semester so that they are available for re-distribution as needed.

The text conversion process requires that book bindings be removed for scanning. Books will be re-bound once the process is complete. Books that require binding other than spiral binding will not be accepted by the bookstore for buy-back. (Please keep in mind the bookstore does not guarantee buy back of any books, including those that have been scanned).