Rock Valley College

Chapter 24: Recording Lectures

Students who are eligible through the DSS office for this service have a right to record (example: via a digital recorder, Smart Pen, etc.) class lectures and presentations for their personal study (84.44 of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 P.L. 93-112, amended P.L. 93-516). Students are encouraged to communicate their desire to record course lectures/material with their instructor in advance of the course, whenever possible.

Students must make a request to record lectures via the DSS Accommodations Portal. Once approved, they will be required to sign a consent form indicating that they understand and /or will abide by the following points:

  • Lectures recorded for this purpose are not to be shared with other people without the consent of the lecturer;
  • Recorded lectures may not be used in any way against any lecturer or a student whose remarks in class are recorded;
  • Information contained in the recorded lecture is protected under state and federal law (e.g., copyright law);
  • Recordings may not be published or quoted without the express consent of the lecturer or speaker without giving proper identity and credit to the person;
  • Recordings of class lectures or discussions are to be erased and/or disposed of at the conclusion of the semester.
  • The recorded material is only for the student’s use and is only for use in conjunction with the course;
  • The student will comply with requests to turn off the recorder at the request of an instructor when personal or sensitive information is discussed that is not relevant to an assignment or test;
  • Instructors can inform the class that lectures are being recorded; and
  • Instructors have the right to view this agreement if requested.

A Sample Audio-Recording Agreement Form can be obtained from the DSS office upon request.  Any questions or concerns regarding the use of a recording device should be directed to the DSS office.