Rock Valley College

Chapter 21: Accessible Furniture

Although the majority of classrooms and labs are universally accessible, there may be times when a student needs a specific type of furniture due to their disability. DSS works with faculty members, Facilities, Plant Operations and Maintenance (FPOM), and other RVC departments in order to provide accessible furniture, including chairs, tables, podiums, and footstools.

Prescription seating and other items of a personal nature are not the responsibility of the College.  Students may furnish their own personal items, such as special seating devises or cushions, to be used in campus classrooms, when necessary.


Students needing accessible furniture need to follow the process outlined below every semester:

  1. Before requesting accessible furniture, please check out the class in person or take a tour of the class/building to confirm that accessible furniture is needed.  Some rooms may already have what is required, or by virtue of the design of the furniture/room (ex. classroom tables) may be universally accessible.
  2. DSS encourages students to request accessible furniture via the DSS Accommodations Portal within 48 hours of registering for classes.  Depending on the volume of requests prior to the start of the term, DSS may require as much as (6) weeks lead time to place furniture in the classroom.
  3. DSS will coordinate with the campus FPOM department to place accessible furniture in   the classroom as needed (tables, chairs, etc.) Furniture is identified with a sticker   depicting the universal symbol for disability indicating it is a DSS piece of furniture.
  4. Notify DSS within the first week of the term or as soon as possible if you encounter a problem with the furniture, or if it goes missing.
  5. Furniture requests made during the term may take up to two (2) weeks to complete. DSS will work as quickly as possible to place the furniture.  However, DSS must work around classroom availability in order to place furniture. Furniture requests made after   the semester has begun may take longer to fulfill.

For questions about general campus accessibility or classroom furniture please contact DSS at (815) 921-2371 or email