Rock Valley College

Chapter 2: DSS Accommodations Portal

The DSS Accommodations Portal is the online system that allows students to request, manage,  and coordinate their accommodations.  Through the portal, students can:

  • Submit their Disability Services application
  • Review accommodations they are eligible for
  • Request specific accommodations every semester
  • Check out equipment and assistive technology

Students will log in to the portal by using the same Username (student ID#) and password they use to access all other College systems.

It is very important to become familiar with the portal and understand how to use it, as this is how your accommodations will be coordinated, and where you will receive important communications regarding them.  If you need assistance or would like training on using the portal please let a DSS staff member know.

Logging in to the Portal

Accommodations can be requested by accessing the DSS Accommodations Portal.

Students should use their RVC username and password to log in. Once logged in:

  1. Navigate to the My Accommodations menu and select List Accommodations.
  2. Check all courses in which accommodations are desired, and click the Continue to Customize Your Accommodations button.
  3. Select the accommodations you wish to use for each specific course, then click the Submit Your Accommodation Requests button.