Rock Valley College

Chapter 17: Accommodation for Spelling

Correct spelling at the College level is expected of all students. However, students with a specific learning disability which impacts spelling may be eligible to receive a reasonable accommodation for in-class assignments and exams. Some such accommodations or aids may include the use of spell-check devices or not penalizing a student for spelling errors. The academic decision of whether or not spelling is essential to the course is typically the prerogative of the faculty and/or academic unit involved. However, this decision must be made within legal parameters and in consultation with DSS.


  • Contact DSS office to request this accommodation by phone: (815-921-2371, Email: or stop by)
  • Eligibility for this accommodation is determined via an interactive conversation between the student and the Accommodations Specialist
  • Once the Accommodations Specialist has granted approval, this accommodation will be automatically requested by DSS every semester
  • Faculty will be notified of the accommodtion via the Faculty Notification Letter
  • The student should meet with the instructor to identify the method that will be used to accommodate the disability (example: spell check device or the student will not be penalized for spelling errors)
  • Students are responsible for contacting the DSS office regarding any questions or concerns they may have in relation to this accommodation

Important to Note

  • Given the specific analysis for each course, it is entirely possible that the use of a spelling aid will be allowed for some exams, and not allowed for others.
  • DSS will not approve use of spelling aides as reasonable accommodations when using is a fundamental alteration of academic standards.