Rock Valley College

Chapter 16: Accommodation for Arithmetic Computation

For students who have a learning disability that impacts arithmetic computation, using a simple calculator may be a reasonable accommodation. The academic decision of whether or not arithmetic computation is essential to the course is typically the prerogative of the faculty and/or academic unit involved. However, this decision must be made within legal parameters and in consultation with DSS.


  • Contact DSS office to request this accommodation by phone: (815-921-2371, Email: or stop by)
  • Eligibility for this accommodation is determined via an interactive conversation between the student and the Accommodations Specialist
  • Once the Accommodations Specialist has granted approval, this accommodation will be automatically requested by DSS every semester
  • Faculty will be notified of the accommodtion via the Faculty Notification Letter
  • The student should meet with the instructor to determine the type of calculator permitted for the coursework or exam(s) and for which portions of the course or exam exam(s) a calculator would be allowed
  • Students are responsible for contacting the DSS office regarding any questions or concerns they may have in relation to this accommodation

It is important to note that given the specific analysis for each course, it is entirely possible that the use of a calculator will be allowed for some coursework or exams, and not for others. For example, calculators are not allowed where they would compromise the basic skills expected for the course, such as for the basic skills test in MTH 216.