Rock Valley College

Chapter 14: Priority Registration

Students may, in some limited circumstances, need to register for classes ahead of the open registration times. The student is responsible for registering for their class(es) on the designated date, which generally falls on the second day of the college’s established priority registration period.

Priority registration may be appropriate for students who require:

  • Accessible classrooms
  • Course materials in alternative format (example: Braille or electronic)
  • Sign language interpreting, real-time captioning, or captioned media
  • Specific schedule due to medical and health reasons

Students must be approved for priority registration through the DSS office to be eligible for this service. It is important to note that some students may qualify for the priority registration date by virtue of sufficient credit hour completion. This is often the case with students who are close to graduation. Students should verify their registration date prior to making a request for priority registration.

Once approved by DSS, students should:

  • Meet with an academic advisor BEFORE the priority registration date to schedule classes for the upcoming term (if necessary);
  • Register for classes on the designated date and time for priority registration; and
  • Request accommodations in the DSS Accommodations Portal as soon as class registration is completed.

Tips for Maximizing Priority Registration

Given that priority registration affords students more time during the course selection process, it is important to give consideration to the following:

  • The time the class meets and how often the class meets
  • The need for back-to-back classes or the need to schedule classes with ample breaks in-between
  • If the course load has a balance of academically challenging and less difficult classes
  • Location of the class and travel pattern required to get to/from class. Proactive discussions with instructors regarding course requirements, policies, concerns, or other factors that may have an impact on success in the course