Rock Valley College

Captioned Media

Closed Captioning for Videos and Other Audio Media

If you intend to show media with an audio component, be aware that media, in accordance with Federal Law, must be captioned or subtitled.

  • Care should be taken to ensure that accurately captioned media is used and working prior to class time to allow the Deaf or hard of hearing student equal access to the information. Inaccurate captions can be worse than no captions and can be disruptive to the class. This tool provides guidelines for evaluating what constitutes acceptable versus unacceptable captions.
  • The following libraries can be used to search for properly captioned videos:
  • In the event that no acceptable video can be found, a conversation with the student should take place to determine whether any other acceptable alternatives exist to ensure that the student receives equal access to the video content.
  • In some cases, a transcript of the video can be typed out via a Word document. This transcript can be placed just below the video on the computer screen and scrolled through as the video plays. Although this is not the same as a captioned video, it would provide some level of access for the student.

If you need assistance with audio-visual equipment, please contact Glen Stech, Audio Visual Support Specialist, at (815) 921-4818.

If, after following the above steps you are unable to find or provide a quality captioned video, please consult with the DSS office (815-921-2371).  We can assist faculty and staff with providing training on how to caption videos and/or caption the videos in-house with sufficient lead time.  Please note that the amount of lead time will vary depending on the number of videos required, length of video, and other factors.  Typically a 50-minute video will require a minimum of 4-6 weeks of lead time.