Rock Valley College

Alternative Text Materials

Receiving materials in an alternative format may be an accommodation for students who have vision, print and/or learning disabilities. The most frequently requested format is electronic files (or E-Text) that students can access a variety of ways, including via the computer, MP3 player, Daisy player, or screen reading software.

If you are requesting textbooks in alternative format you are encouraged to do the following to ensure that materials are processed as quickly as possible:

  • Submit request and materials to be adapted to the DSS office at least six weeks prior to the date that materials are needed. Although six weeks may seem like a long time, the process of acquiring or producing alternative format is quite intensive due to copyright issues and the various conversion processes involved.

    Whenever possible the DSS office will attempt to obtain desk copies of the textbook(s) or Publisher files to use for scanning. However, when Publisher files are not available, the DSS office will remove book bindings and do the text conversion in-house. Because of the extensive time required to create e-text, requests that are received with less than the preferred lead time cannot be guaranteed by the start of classes.
  • Complete the alternative text request form and verify that you are a student registered with the DSS office.
  • Provide the DSS office with your course syllabus and textbooks at the time of request. Note: in accordance with copyright laws, the DSS office must obtain proof of purchase before conversion can begin.  The DSS office will make every reasonable effort to ensure that students receive alternate format of materials in a timely manner. To that end, students should understand that:
    • The DSS office can only convert materials that are in its possession, and is unable to purchase materials on the student's behalf;
    • Requests are processed in the order received;
    • Many publishers state that their response time can be between six to ten weeks during peak periods, so early planning is essential;
    • If the course schedule or production schedule does not allow for the timely provision of adapted materials, DSS staff, the course instructor, and the student should discuss whether an alternative, reasonable accommodation is available.