Rock Valley College

About Dean of Students Office

What We Do

The Dean of Students office is here to assist you with knowing their rights and responsibilities as a student at Rock Valley College. All students who may have an alleged code violation are provided due process. We assist students with conflict resolution, college procedures, student concerns and complaints, and manage the BIT (Behavioral Intervention Team).  We also manage academic integrity, citation appeals, student discipline requests, and the medical withdrawal process. We are the campus designee for Title IX and prevention intervention and education outreach.


Respect, Integrity, Civility, Honesty. We aim to establish a culture of these core values so we can all be "rich" in our interactions with our peers, faculty, and the community. We will help you understand respect for yourself and others, assist you with understanding the importance of functioning with integrity in your interactions both in and out the classroom, and support you by setting expectations of civil behavior through responsibility and advocacy by informing you of your rights. We also encourage you to uphold R.I.C.H. characteristics and be honest in your dealings both personally and professionally.

Judicial Affairs Conduct Resolution Model Diagram