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Student Trustee Election

The Student Trustee is the liaison between SGA and the Board of Trustees. This position requires great time, responsibility, and commitment. The student trustee is required to attend ALL Board of Trustees meetings and off campus events (i.e. conferences, state meetings, etc.) as the Rock Valley College student representative.

Meet the Candidates

We are excited to have two extremely qualified candidates running for the 2022-2023 Student Trustee position. Expand the sections below to learn more about each candidate.

Alyssa Bird, 2022 Student Trustee CandidateI am a second semester student pursuing my Associates in Science Degree; focusing on Biology. I have a passion for healthcare and plan to focus professionally on anesthesiology. In the Fall of 2023, I will transfer to Northern Illinois University for my Bachelor’s Degree. Down the road, I will obtain my Master’s Degree in medicine. I enjoy going ice skating, reading, and journaling. I would describe myself as caring, motivated, and driven.

I have demonstrated leadership skills while serving as an election judge. In Boone County, I am responsible for the voting precinct I reside in. This entails, setting up election equipment, verifying voter qualifications, and distributing ballots. When polling closes, I share duties in processing and certifying all votes cast.

I am an excellent candidate for Student Trustee. I am goal-oriented and driven by growth and opportunities that will both challenge me and require the use of my critical thinking skills. I often set high personal goals and through self-discipline and self-motivation, I have reached my goals thus far. The role of Student Trustee requires a great deal of responsibility, and I will diligently work hard in the position to fulfill those responsibilities. I look forward to seeing the hard work of myself and the Board of Trustees make a progressive impact on the RVC community.

Running for Student Trustee is important to me because I am passionate about being involved in the internal community Rock Valley College has to offer. I desire to actively participate in meaningful ways on campus alongside Board members. I am eager to provide the perspective of a student and aspire to advocate for myself and others on topics that are presented. With this opportunity I will learn more in-depth leadership qualities and discover the impact that can be made during my time at Rock Valley College.

Ryan Russell, 2022 Student Trustee CandidateRVC Family,

Born here in Rockford, IL, I have spent majority of my time within the 815 and its community. I went to school in Byron, IL and graduated just over two years ago with the class of 2020. I joined the military out of high school and was able to experience being away for a little over a year before transitioning to the Illinois National Guard. I now am full time at Rock Valley College as a student and look forward to graduating in May of 2023. With that being said, I look forward to potentially being the next school Student Trustee. Currently I am involved with the Student Veterans group on campus where we actively get involved with the community and are always open to ideas of places to participate and donate our time whether it be veteran related or not. Aside from that I spend a good amount of my time at the Veteran Drop In Center, where I recently was put up to an active board member. Though both of those groups do take up time and mean a lot to me, I look forward to making RVC an even more impressive school to high school kids in the area. As a Student Trustee I would strongly push to bridge the gap between school leaders and students. At times I think many believe their voices may not be heard or ideas, but with the right people involved, tasks and ideas can turn into solutions and resolutions quickly. Running for this position to me is not solely a personal development for me but better yet a way for me to grow among others.

Thank you,

Ryan Russell

Vote for the Next Student Trustee

The voting period has been extended to run through April 6, 2022.

In order to vote, you will need to log in using your RVC email address ( and RVC Password. Then, select which candidate you believe would be the best choice for Student Trustee.

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