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Frequently Asked Questions About BIT

What is the Behavioral Intervention Team's (BIT) purpose?

The BIT is a multi-disciplinary team that exists to assist individuals with emotional, mental, or physical well-being concerns through intervention, triage and/or referral.

What does the BIT do for the campus?

The BIT aims to help keep the campus safe.  The team coordinates a response for a student's behavior of concern.  When referrals of concerning behavior are made by students, staff, or faculty to the Behavioral Intervention Team, the team will follow up on the referred concerns and respond appropriately.

How do I make a referral to BIT?

  • You can make a referral of concern using our online form. You will be asked for general information about the student, your contact information (in case the team has follow-up questions), and for a description of the incident or behaviors that prompted the referral. You may also refer someone via the BIT phone line at (815) 921-4270.
  • You are the Behavioral Intervention Team's best resource because you may be familiar with the student. Whenever possible, if you are comfortable doing so, tell the student that you are concerned and ask if he/she is OK.  In many cases students will indicate that they could use some help and you may submit the Referral Form  to the BIT or refer them to our Personal and Success Counselor.  There may be times when staff/faculty have the skills and may  choose to address or resolve a situation. In such cases,  it is still suggested that a referral form be completed.
  • If you feel there is an immediate threat, please call the RVC Police Department at (815) 654-4357 (HELP).

Who can make a BIT referral?

Anyone who is concerned that a currently enrolled RVC student is exhibiting behavior that could escalate if not addressed, even if you feel the person may not pose an immediate threat to the safety of him/herself or others.


What happens after I make the referral?

The BIT members will take the information, assess the situation, and make a professional decision about how to best proceed. You may or may not be contacted for additional information, but we read all referrals and respond accordingly.  The BIT will use professional discretion to determine how much information can be shared with the reporter or others who may need to know.


What happens to the student once the BIT process has begun?

Based on the details provided on the BIT referral form, the team will assess and determine which strategy will be used and implement an action plan that may include campus or community resources. The student will then be contacted and the behaviors of concern will be addressed by staff appropriate to the situation. The process is to provide intervention and to help the student understand their behavior of concern and its impact on the campus community.


How do I know if it is a BIT issue or if it is more appropriately handled by other campus resources?

Typically, behaviors that do not pose an immediate threat to self or others, but that could escalate if not addressed should be referred to BIT.   Please note the BIT is obligated to take appropriate action based on the nature of information being shared.  The BIT may or may not contact the reporter for further information or details.

The most critical step is that you share the information. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the BIT will refer the student.  It is important to remember that the college has a set of policies, procedures, and processes to address a wide range of student behaviors and/or student concerns.

If this is a threatening or emergency situation, call the RVC Police Department at (815) 654-4357 (HELP).

Will disciplinary action be taken against those deemed to be a 'threat," and if so, what type of specific discipline will be administered and by whom?

The BIT will determine if a disciplinary action is deemed the appropriate response or if it is a case requiring other interventions.  If the response requires a disciplinary action the case will be turned over to the Dean of Students office.  If the student needs assistance with mental or emotional health prior to returning to campus, the BIT will proceed with the appropriate referral in the best interest of the student.


How do I tell if it's something I should refer?  Are there specific criteria of behavior/actions that must exist before I refer to BIT?

You do not have to make this determination.  The BIT will do this for you. The most important thing for you to do is refer a behavior of concern.  If you are concerned about the safety and/or welfare of a student and you are not able to address the situation directly, then it would be best to refer it.  Referring the student of concern to the BIT will help the student receive the assistance they need.

Will the student know that I am the person who referred her/him to BIT?

The BIT will not tell the student who specifically made the referral, however, a referred student will be given specific information about the behaviors/actions that occurred so they can respond to the concern.  It is possible that a student may know who made the referral through the circumstances described to them, however, the BIT will not readily provide the student with the name of the reporter.

What if I'm not ready to make a referral, but I just need some advice about handling a student issue?

You can always contact the Dean of Students office regarding the handling or management of a student behavior of concern. In many cases an individual only needs ideas on how to approach a student about their behavior.  The Dean of Students office can provide tips, suggestions, and resources on how to approach a situation.  This may or may not result in a report.

If I just had a basic question not listed above what should I do?

We welcome all questions and suggestions. Don't be afraid to ask because someone else may be thinking the same thing. Please email us at

Who is the Chair of the BIT Team?

The RVC Dean of Students serves as the chair of the team.

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If this is an immediate threat or concern, call Rock Valley College Police Department at (815) 654-4357 (HELP).

The Rock Valley College BIT process is coordinated through the Dean of Students office.