Rock Valley College

Job Search Process

The job search process includes 4 components:

  • Search & apply for a student employee job
  • Interview with a hiring manager
  • Complete new hire paperwork and background check
  • Attend new student employee orientation

All student employment positions are posted on Rock Valley College's career portal, RVCJobs (sometimes referred to as College Central Network or CCN).

How to Get Started

  1. Join College Network – Log on or create an account at
  2. Create a Resume – Upload, create, or use an existing resume under the My Resume menu
  3. Search for Jobs – Search Postings to My School and select Student Employment as the job type
  4. Apply – Select a job and click Apply to submit your resume to the hiring manager
Student Employment Guide

Benefits of Student Employment

1. Reduce Debt. Cash you earn while working on-campus is money you don't have to borrow now and pay back later.

2. Achieve Better Grades. Working 12-15 hours a week on-campus while in college has shown to improve academic achievement.

3. Build Your Professional Network. Develop a list of professional contacts for after graduation. Additionally, your work experience looks great on your resume!

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a student interested in student employment at RVC you must:

  • Have a complete financial aid file. This includes filing the FAFSA and returning all requested documents to the Financial Aid office.
  • Be in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher.
  • Not have already earned a bachelor's degree.
  • Have graduated from high school.
  • Not also be employed by RVC as a regular or temporary part-time or full-time employee.
  • Not be in default of a student loan.
  • Maintain a minimum enrollment of half-time status (six credit hours) during the spring and fall terms.