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5 Reasons You Should Get Involved

#5 - Reasons to Get InvolvedDiscover Passions and Strengths: Student organizations cater to your interests and can help you to further develop a hobby or a skill. Student Life offers the opportunity to create any new organization with a group of like-minded individuals to enhance your academic experience.

#4 - Reasons to Get InvolvedMake Connections: Many activities in Student Life are designed to give you an opportunity to make new friends and to enjoy the college experience. Having someone to study with or to hang out with between classes allows you to become more connected on campus.

#3 - Reasons to Get InvolvedBuild Your Resumé: Student Life offers a co-curricular transcript that lists organizations and any executive board offices held while at RVC. It is a great addition to any resumé. Studies show that participation in activities allows students to develop leadership skills as well as interpersonal skills that employers find attractive.

#2 - Reasons to Get InvolvedAdjust to College: There are many resources on campus of which students may not be aware of. Becoming involved ensures that students are connected to campus and can benefit from all that Rock Valley has to offer.

Number One Reason to Get Involved Text

#1 - Reasons to Get Involved
Increase GPA: *Participating in student organizations increases GPA! Students who are consistently involved devote more time to academics and can increase study skills such as time management.
*(Foubert & Zacherman, 2014)

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