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Rock Valley College Ready to Help Students Succeed Online This Fall

Posted: Friday, July 17, 2020

Media Contact: David Costello, 815-921-4516

Rock Valley College has worked diligently over the last few months to ensure that students will have a successful hybrid and online learning experience this fall.

RVC faculty have completed in-depth training and will have resources available to them to create quality learning experiences for students. Best practice research and a newly expanded online learning department have ensured that Rock Valley College's fall courses are designed to achieve student success. Because many of RVC's fall courses are now online, a strong emphasis on faculty communication with their students has been implemented so that students will not feel isolated or lost. Furthermore, Zoom sessions and synchronous communication is encouraged from faculty in an attempt to answer questions or student concerns in a faster time frame.

“Unlike spring semester of 2020, when face-to-face courses transitioned to emergency remote teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, courses this fall have been designed, thoughtfully and deliberately, for the online environment,” says Dr. Miki Bacino, Acting Executive Director for the RVC Online Learning Initiative. “We know that taking online classes may be new for many students so we have also made it a priority to provide resources that will help students thrive in the online environment, either through tutorials in our student training course or modules designed by our faculty to assist in online learning.”

Most importantly, Rock Valley College recognizes that during this time of isolation, anxiety may be compounded, leading to students who may struggle with mental health challenges. In addition to educating faculty on mental health issues, the College’s Personal and Success Counseling Department will be readily available to support students so that they can succeed in their academic journey.

Rock Valley College is committed to making the fall 2020 semester the best online educational experience it can be for its students.

Registration is open for fall semester and the first step is to apply at