Rock Valley College

Rock Valley College Narrows ATC Proposals to Three

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Media Contact: David Costello, 815-921-4516

Critical step has taken place in ensuring region has a trained workforce

Rock Valley College received 21 responses to a recent request for proposals for site locations for the College’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), and after careful consideration by both board members and the administration have narrowed those proposals down to three.

The three finalists under consideration are:

  • Belvidere CUSD 100, Big Thunder Mall, Belvidere
  • Greater Rockford Airport Authority, Rockford Airport, Rockford
  • Stenstrom, Stenstrom Center for Career Education, Rockford

The RVC Board and administration will now meet with representatives from each of the three finalists to begin negotiations and determine the best fit for the RVC District 511 community.

The Advanced Technology Center will house course curriculum aimed at employment for both employees and employers. The manufacturing sector needs workers with the skills necessary to run the machines that produce the products. The goal of the ATC is to target individuals seeking to further their high school education and pursue job opportunities through an education steeped in the latest technology.

“Our board and staff have vetted the proposals submitted by a wide variety of potential bidders on our Advanced Technology Center and we have narrowed those proposals down to three prospective bids,” said RVC Board Chairman Patrick Murphy. “We have followed the criteria that we laid out in our RFP down to three locations. We want to thank all of those who submitted very professional proposals.”

“The administration and board will now begin negotiations over the specific details with the finalists in our bid process to determine which is best suited for the needs of our students and the RVC community,” said RVC Interim President Beth Young. “All of the determinants contained in our RFP will be a part of that decision making process and we expect to come to a conclusion within a matter of weeks.

“Our mission is to provide a facility where students will be trained and educated in advanced technologies that will enable them to fill the ranks for employers throughout the district and beyond. Providing a trained workforce has always been a critical part of our mission and we are getting closer to making it possible for both employers and potential employees to benefit from a cutting-edge education and training opportunities.”

Rock Valley College District 511 includes all or part of Boone, Dekalb, McHenry, Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago counties.