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Student Government Association (SGA)


"To support and advocate for the students at Rock Valley College through service and leadership."

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SGAWe, the students of Rock Valley College, in order to form a more perfect Student Association, advocate for and provide support to the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of individual students and groups to local, state, national, and international bodies; promoting the basic principles of freedom of expression and freedom from discrimination; encouraging student involvement; engaging students in the political process; and improving the general student welfare hereby establish the Rock Valley College Student Government Association as the official governing organization of the student body. 

Read the constitution: SGA Constitution

Student Government Association (SGA)

Rock Valley College Student Government Association is a body of students elected by their peers to serve as their voice on campus.  SGA promotes student involvement and seeks to improve the general student welfare. The SGA is made up of 16 individuals.  There are eight executives and eight senators.  Senators represent the following sectors: Club/Organizational Senator, Freshmen Senator(s), International Senator, Diversity Senator, Outreach Senator, Athletic Senator, and Special Needs Senator.  More importantly, the Student Government Association is made up of any student registered in an activity fee-paying class at Rock Valley College.

Student Government represents the student body by:

1. Maintaining and exercising their voice in all student-oriented issues and consistently striving to develop the students' needs, wants, and ideas.

2. Serving on advisory committees that cover goals and objectives of Rock Valley College, class and degree requirements and campus-wide policies regarding students.

3. Providing a Student Forum for the student community to come and voice their opinions.

4. Actively pursuing student issues and promoting activities related to the increased success of the student community.

5. Reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws of all newly established clubs and organizations, including some sponsorship.

Interested in getting involved? Just do any one of the following:

1. Meet us in the Student Government office (also the Student Life office), located behind Papa John's in the Student Center and between the Club Resource Room and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) room #1122.

2. Contact the Student Government office at (815) 921-4188.

3. Contact an SGA member

4. Come to our meetings! We meet every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Student Center Atrium.

If you would like more information about SGA check out our OrgSync page!