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EBook Collection for New Students

Being a student is a way of life that significantly affects you and those you care about. The New Student eBook Collection has helpful information for you to successfully manage your life as a student.

Getting Straight As A Student's Guide to SuccessGetting Straight As: A Student's Guide to Success
by Richard Palmer

Ideal for students of 15 years and above, this guide to getting the best marks possible will help all readers maximize their academic potential. Packed with practical advice, tips, quizzes and self-assessment exercises to hone study and exam skills this book is designed to help high-fliers who are both ambitious and aware of their talent. The perfect companion to the same author's book Studying for Success, this book will help those who aim for the top to reach it!


Studying for SuccessStudying for Success
by Richard Palmer

The third edition of this lively and stimulating book offers and enlightening new approach to effective study. Without minimizing the importance of good organization and hard work, the author stresses throughout that study can and must be fun. To experience the real benefits to be gained from study requires a positive, self-directed approach. The advice offered in this book will help the student find and adopt the study methods most suited to his/her needs.


Motivation and Learning StrategiesMotivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Self-management Approach
by Myron H. Dembo

A motivation and learning strategies textbook that bridges research and practice! "Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success, Second Edition teaches college students how to become more self-directed learners.


When Hope and Fear CollideWhen Hope and Fear Collide : A Portrait of Today's College Student
by Arthur Levine

The book examines a generation motivated by a conflicting sense of hope and fear. While today's students fear a great many things both on a global and local level they are less pessimistic than the previous generation, as they look for ways to make a difference in their world.


Living The College LifeLiving The College Life: Real Students, Real Experiences
by Kenneth J. Paulsen

Provides information for college students on such topics as roommates, academics, campus life, choosing a major, relationships, and money.


How to Be a Successful Online StudentHow to Be a Successful Online Student
by Sara D. Gilbert

Explores the possibilities of distance learning from a student's perspective, explaining how to evaluate online learning tools, set-up an independent study schedule, and troubleshoot hardware.


College in a CanCollege in a Can
by Sandra Choron

College in a Can is chock full of all the answers you need from what to bring and how to study effectively to what the best college radio stations are and how to meet new people. Here you'll find bite-size wisdom and entertainment in the form of more than 250 lists about the topics that matter most to college students.


The Power Of Nonverbal CommunicationThe Power Of Nonverbal Communication: How You Act Is More Important Than What You Say
by Henry H. Calero

Here are practical tips for understanding the inner motivations of others, and for controlling your own message to the world. Non-verbal communcation isn't about beauty or fashion or external first impressions. It is the sum total of ones' vocal inflections, facial expressions, gestures, posture and physical demeanor when communicating with others.


Life PreserversLife Preservers: Staying Afloat in Love And Life
by Harriet Goldhor Lerner

Lerner offers advice to women on love, friendship, marriage, parenting and sexual politics. Her warm, conversational style is engaging and meshes well with her commonsense approach to problem solving. Lerner advises women that many emotional problems between people spring from a lack of communication, and that differences must be faced before they can be solved.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy RelationshipThe Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship
by Judith Kuriansky

Kuriansky, host of the syndicated radio program "LovePhones" and author of the earlier Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating, provides some solid information to appeal to young people who without much relationship experience. Her chapter on betrayal, while far from a complete guide to the subject, provides basic information that more serious books might have passed by. (For instance, she warns couples to make sure their partners explicitly agree to an exclusive relationship rather than simply assuming it's so. She also points out that alcohol often lubricates affairs, so it's best not to drink too much in a situation where you might be tempted.) She even deals with "cyber-cheating," the very latest form of infidelity, and states that an Internet affair must be dealt with in the same way as any other form of betrayal. Couples who marry young are most vulnerable to extramarital threats, and this book will help them keep it together when serious problems arise.


Nutrition for DummiesNutrition for Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler

An updated reference source offers a comprehensive, sensible look at proper nutrition, exploring the latest findings and information on the subject, discussing such hot topics as phytochemicals and dietary supplements, trans fats, genetically engineered foods, energy drinks, and more.


The Official Gold's Gym Beginner's Guide to FitnessThe Official Gold's Gym Beginner's Guide to Fitness : The Authority On Fitness Since 1965
by David Porter

Introduces physical fitness to people just starting to exercise, covering equipment and clothing, how to stay motivated, warming up, how to use free-standing weights and exercise machines, and nutrition. Written for people with no gym experience, this beginner's guide to total fitness covers training methods, the latest fitness technology, and exercises for developing upper back, lower back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, legs, and buttocks.