Rock Valley College

Recent Grants

Selected Foundation Grants for FY17

Microscope Techniques Education Enhancement:  Purchase 5 Nikon Microcopes and 14 Ocular Micrometers to enhance current microscope equipment resulting in greter microscopy skills .

KUKA Industrial Robot Station: Purchase the stand for the industrial KUKA robot for Robotics Lab used in MET and EET courses.

Foundation Grant - KUKA

Science Resource Room Anatomy Models:  Increase the quality and number of models permanently housed in the Science Resource Room used for independent study in preparation for laboratory exams.

Textbooks for Refugees:  Purchase textbooks to ensure refugees have the tools needed to be successful and productive members of the community by aiding in their aquisition of English.

Inventory Management for Science Labs:  Purchase 2 Surface Pro 4 Tablets to optimize yearly inventorying of chemicals, equipment, and lab supplies resulting in a more current and dynamic inventory list for both the Life and Physical Sciences Departments.

Mobile Demonstration Table: Purchased a mobile demonstration cart with mirrors to be used for demonstration of scientific concepts in the classroom and in the community.

Mobile Demonstration Table Grant Funded

Metaneb Technology: Partially fund the purchase of Metaneb therapy machine for Respiratory Care classroom use.  This is the current technology used in clinical rotations increasing educational experience resulting in enhanced job placement.

Cultural Object Acquisition: Purchase cultural objects from historical periods to provide a hands-on , personal connection to the past.

Bleeding Control Kits: Funded the installation of 206 Bleeding Control Kits in each classroom.

 GED test fee scholarship: Subsidize low income and poverty level Adult Education students' GED test fees to achieve timely completion.

Improvement of PAR Multimedia: Upgraded sound system in the Performing Arts Room which is utillized 65% or more of the time by a variety of classes, the Board of Trustee monthly meetings, and multiple community presentations.