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Kathy Shott- The Chase Shott Memorial Scholarship

Chase Shott on A Mountain

Chase Shott’s mother, Kathy Shott, lights up when she speaks about her son. “He was always kind, even as a child. And he was a good listener. You could tell him anything without judgment. I think that’s why so many people considered him one of their best friends,” shares Kathy.

To those that had the pleasure of knowing Chase, it only makes sense that his kindness and giving spirit would live on through the Chase Shott Memorial Scholarship that his mother established through the RVC Foundation.

On October 7, 2017, Chase had just graduated from Bodycraft Wellness & Massage Center and Rock Valley College’s 600 Hour Massage Therapy Program and was eager to start his career. Prior to attending RVC, Chase launched his educational journey at Northern Illinois University where he obtained a B.A. in Kinesiology in 2015, along with serving as a certificated personal trainer at North Pointe. Chase had a thirst for knowledge of how the human body worked and how he could help others lead healthy lifestyles.

Following his 2017 graduation, Chase set out on a 2-month solo journey out west.  He hiked and camped throughout the Badlands in South Dakota, near Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, and had made it to the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. Just seven days into his hike, Chase suffered a fatal fall in the Beartooth Mountains which tragically ended his journey.

Although immense grief surrounded Kathy, she knew in her heart that she wanted to do something to keep Chase’s legacy alive and strong, just like her son. Through her One Glove-One Love mission she created to honor Chase’s memory, Kathy has channeled some of her own grief into giving back and allowing others to chase their dreams.

Thanks to the generosity of Kathy and the One Glove-One Love donors, Chase’s Memorial Scholarship will allow fellow massage therapy students an opportunity to receive financial assistance while they chase their own dreams. Kathy’s goal through this special scholarship is to allow other students to aim for the same goals that Chase had for himself.

Kathy chose to establish this scholarship because “memorial scholarships are a way to honor your loved ones and to appreciate what was important to them. You can continue to love what they loved, and that helps me keep his spirit alive.”

On behalf of the RVC Foundation, we thank you, Kathy, for choosing to honor Chase in this special way and for entrusting us with a portion of his legacy. Chase lives on in our Massage Therapy Program and will go on to impact many lives through his love of life, health and wellness.  


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