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2018 Foundation Annual Report

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Dave Costello AlumnusDave Costello

As an RVC alumnus, Dave Costello has a great appreciation for all that RVC offered him as a student. “Attending RVC was a real turning point in my life. Although I had been a decent student in high school, it wasn’t until my time at RVC that I learned the invaluable tool of critical thinking. Thanks to my professors and the discussions that arose in my classes, I began to take an interest in my education, as well as education as a whole. I also learned to face my fears of public speaking, thanks to Professor Culhane, and grew to take command of my communication skills which I now use every day as the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing for Rock Valley College.”

When asked why Dave has chosen to give to the RVC Foundation every year for the last ten years, he shared “As a student I never realized how many of my peers faced financial challenges, but as an employee of RVC, I see just how great the needs of our students are every year. The biggest eye opener for me was the launch of a food pantry on our campus. Knowing that some students must choose between paying for their education or their next meal makes me want to do even more as a donor. I know the need on campus will never go away, but I want to use my ability to give to help afford other students the same opportunities I was given.”

In 2015, Dave, serving as race coordinator and founder, launched the first annual Golden Futures 5K Run/Walk which benefits scholarships at RVC. With three races now completed, Dave sees the Golden Futures 5K Race as a way to raise awareness and critical support for our students, but also a way to showcase our campus to the community. “Over the years I noticed outside organizations utilizing our campus to host their race, so it only made sense to me that the College would host its own run. I’ve been pleased to see its growth over the last three years and look forward to seeing the students who will benefit from the proceeds.”

When asked why Dave continues to contribute each year, he states “If my gift can impact one student’s life, why not support the place where I can see that impact first hand? I truly believe RVC has the ability to play a major role in the transformation of our community through education, and I’m grateful for the role it played in my life and my career.”

Thank you, Dave, for your continued support as an RVC alumnus and employee.

Ed Clucas
Ed Clucas

Ed Clucas’ longstanding ties to RVC led him to make his first gift to the Foundation 16 years ago. As a 1983 graduate of RVC with a double major in Management and Marketing, Ed gained a great amount of respect for his professors and fellow students. Taking two evening classes at a time while also running a business allowed Ed an opportunity to meet other students who were employees by day and college students by night. Their shared experiences added to Ed’s appreciation for his time at RVC.

In 2013 after 30 years away from a classroom, Ed followed his interest and passion for Latin American studies and the Spanish language back to our campus. It was during his time studying under two influential Spanish instructors that Ed decided to invest in the professors’ vision to teach in the classroom while also offering enriching cultural experiences for their students outside of the classroom. Through his financial support of Spanish movie nights to class trips to visit a museum in Chicago, Ed found an area of giving that was both meaningful and impactful to him.

Although he thoroughly enjoys his time on campus interacting with fellow students in his Spanish courses, he has also enjoyed traveling with his wife to Spain twice and Mexico three times. “Being able to use what I’ve learned in my courses over the last four years has allowed me to engage and converse with the people of Spain and Mexico. My Spanish is not perfect, but I enjoy every opportunity I have to practice on our trips.” shares Ed.

“I’ve enjoyed supporting the Spanish program in the past, as well as my current focus on supporting the general needs of the College and its students.”

Thank you, Ed for allowing your experiences in the classroom to help guide your interest and impact as one of our valued donors.

The Steiner Kerman Education Foundation

With education, especially at the community college level, being of the utmost importance to CEO Harold Kerman, The Steiner Kerman Education Foundation was created in 2007 to offer the children of Steiner Electric Company employees’ the opportunity of an education. Harold, a community college graduate himself, credited his first two years of college to his Aunt Sadie who gifted his tuition payments so that he could follow his dreams. Thanks to his aunt’s generosity, Harold developed a desire to give similar opportunities to others.

“Through our gifts to Rock Valley College and our scholarship recipients’ letters, we get to feel the impact of our support. It feels as though we are making a difference in one person’s life and our hope is that those students go on to have a ripple effect on others’ lives and their community” shares Carol Kerman, president of The Steiner Kerman Education Foundation.Steiner Electric

Although the thread of philanthropy is woven throughout the Steiner Electric Company, the Rockford branch, in particular, is enthusiastically committed to giving back to our region. Through their work in collecting ”Koats 4 Kids” for those who go without to filling student backpacks at Riverdahl School in Rockford, their passion for “doing the right thing” speaks volumes for their commitment to our community.

Pictured from left to right: Patty Wilson Steiner Electric, Chris Eldridge Rockford Rescue Mission, Stephanie Cammelot Steiner Electric, and Katrina Meils Steiner Electric.

Thanks to the generosity of The Steiner Kerman Education Foundation over the last nine years, The RVC Foundation, along with the students receiving their scholarship, are extremely grateful that Steiner Electric Company calls Rockford home and that we may call The Steiner Kerman Education Foundation a valued partner and friend.

Thank you, Harold, Carol and the entire Steiner Electric Company team, for your investment in the futures of others.

Josefina Bryant
Josefina Bryant

A scholarship is an opportunity. Being a recipient of the Steiner Kerman Education Foundation scholarship is an opportunity. Utilizing this scholarship to further education is an opportunity. I strongly wish to emphasize the fact that these steps towards a stronger, broader education is the opportunity to become a better you. This scholarship has held me together both financially and emotionally through my semesters at Rock Valley College. This opportunity was for me to finish community college strong and stable. Now, I am financially and emotionally ready to enter university in the upcoming fall.  Receiving this scholarship is more than just money; it is my future.

By the end of this semester, I will graduate with my Associates in Applied Science with emphasis in Sports Management, and continue in the summer to receive my Coaching Education Certification. With the generosity of this scholarship and other financial aid, I am prepared to transfer to the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, to work towards a bachelors in Sports Management. With this opportunity and location I hope to complete an internship with either the U.S. Olympic Committee or a national sports team in Colorado.

A future is obtainable with an opportunity. Scholarships can become those opportunities. They further students towards a better education, and with the donors support, we can succeed through life. These opportunities lead to other opportunities such as internships and careers. On my journey, I will always be able to reflect back to the opportunity that started it all, my first scholarship, provided by the Steiner Kerman Education Foundation.

Josefina Bryant


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