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Have you ever dreamed of a career in theater? Or, at least the thought of being involved with great community theater?

Rock Valley College courses offer scholarly and experiential training in a wide range of theatre arts, including playwriting, acting, directing, stage management, costume design, scenery design, and lighting design. The courses are taught by experienced and active theatre professionals.

Students also have access to Starlight Theatre, one of the crown jewels of Rockford. Every summer Starlight Theatre is home to four productions held in the majestic Bengt Sjostrom Theatre on the main campus.  Starlight brings some of the best known productions to Rockford, as well as original works. During the winter, visitors enjoy a more intimate setting for productions in the Studio Theatre.

Disclaimer: Not all courses listed here will be offered during this academic year. Please speak with an academic advisor to fulfill specific graduation requirements. 

It is always recommended that you talk to an academic advisor about your educational goals and to learn more about specific programs.

Number Title Credits
  THE-110 Theatre Practicum 1 (1)
  THE-111 Theatre Practicum 2 (1)
  THE-133 Introduction to the Theater (3)
  THE-134 Stagecraft & Theater Lighting (3)
  THE-135 Acting I (3)
  THE-136 Directing (3)
  THE-137 Costuming (3)
  THE-210 Theatre Practicum 3 (1)
  THE-211 Theatre Practicum 4 (1)
  THE-220 Summer Theatre Workshop (3)
  THE-234 Design for the Theatre (3)
  THE-235 Acting II (3)
  THE-236 Directing II (3)
  THE-237 Stage Makeup (3)