Rock Valley College

Student Development Courses

Student Development courses are an integration of academic learning with personal, professional, and individual growth. These courses improve students’ ability for academic success and degree completion.

STU 100   Planning For Success

1 credit  - Graduation requirement            

Planning for Success is designed to introduce and connect the students to the RVC community and to assist the students in the active development of academic and personal goals. Students will work with instructors to learn strategies for their transition into college and students are responsible to be engaged in building the skills needed for college success. Course discussions will include academic preparation, self awareness and RVC community resources.

This course is required for all students who want to obtain an Associates of Arts, Associates of Science or Associates of Engineering Science Degree.

STU 101  

2 credits

Career Planning is designed to help students improve their life/career planning. Participants will acquire skills for discovering who they are, what they want, and how they can reach their goals. At the conclusion of the program, participants should be able to take more control of their lives. Credit earned is elective credit and will apply to graduation and transfer

STU 103  Workplace Ethics 

1 credit

Workplace Ethics is designed to acquaint students with the importance of good work ethics. Emphasis will be placed on identifying desirable traits to enhance the student's employment readiness including integrity, interpersonal skills, responsibility, professionalism, and effective communication.

Number Title
  STU-100 Planning for Success
  STU-101 Career Planning
  STU-103 Workplace Ethics
  STU-299 Service Learning