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Defined formally, Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes (Griggs, 2014).  While roughly half of all graduates  with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology will go on to work in a human services field, many graduate level psychologists (meaning they have a Master’s degree or higher) teach and conduct research in colleges and universities, as well as in nonacademic settings.  Master’s level or higher psychologists also may provide health and mental health services through private and commercial practice.  Many psychologists combine research, teaching, and practice.  (Schacter, Gilbert, & Wegner, 2013).

Psychologists have made and continue to make valuable contributions to the scientific community as well as the social communities in which we all live.  Psychological research is inherent in areas such as education, marketing, management, and urban planning, and have practical applications in everyday life.

Rock Valley College’s Psychology program will prepare you for transfer into four-year Psychology programs by offering classes that prepare you in the foundations of Psychology.  Topics covered in our courses include, but are not limited to, research methods, the biology of behavior, development, personality, group behavior, and psychological disorders. 

The following is a list of Psychology courses offered at Rock Valley College.

Disclaimer: Not all courses listed here will be offered during this academic year. Please speak with an academic advisor to fulfill specific graduation requirements. 

Number Title
  PSY-170 General Psychology
  PSY-225 Child Development
  PSY-250 Psychology of Personality
  PSY-270 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  PSY-271 Educational Psychology
  PSY-273 Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  PSY-275 Social Psychology
  PSY-276 Abnormal Psychology


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