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A focus on the fine arts—with a carefully curated selection of studio and art history classes—provides a well-rounded experience.

First Year Foundation

When you take the foundation classes your first year at RVC, you have a strong basis to build on. These classes are the core essentials, no matter where or how far you plan to take your art studies. The foundation courses are: prerequisites for other art classes, transfer well to many four-year art programs, and are required if you opt for any art certifications or degrees at RVC and beyond.

Foundation classes include ART-101, ART-102, ART-103, and ART-203.

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Creating Your Work of Art

Whether you like drawing, painting, sculpture, or art history, you’ll be able to express yourself effectively in Rock Valley College art courses.

Real-World Careers

Creating art isn’t just an expression of individuality and creativity — it can lead you wherever you want your life to go.

Who Do You Want to Be?

  • Animator or illustrator working in time-based media for video games, film, or TV or a variety of media
  • Architect or interior designer creating the spaces where people live, work, and play
  • Art historian working at a museum or in education
  • Industrial designer or graphic designer shaping products or creating ads for things people use every day
  • Studio artist working independently to create and market your own work
  • Teacher leading students in elementary and secondary schools, or colleges and art schools

Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Show

Presenting your work is an important aspect of your growth as an artist. Display your artwork at the Annual High School (Juried) Art Exhibit and Award show, the RVC Art Student Award Show, and local and regional art exhibitions. It’s all part of our goal to give you a genuine experience in the art field.