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That Club Than Which None Great Can Be Conceived

The Philosophy Club at Rock Valley College Statement on Collaboration:
There are people in this club from many backgrounds with varying degrees of interest and ability in philosophical thinking. But, the issues covered here span all areas of intellectual (and other) pursuits, so there will inevitably be something we discuss that even the most philosophically disinclined person will have thought about, wish to think more about, hope to talk about with others, and strive to discover more about through philosophical argument. Some of these matters will require an attitude not usually adopted when people engage in argument—a collaborative attitude. This means, in short, the goal of our philosophical dialogues is to move as best we can from a place of abundant ignorance (this is where most of us reading this are right now) to one of less ignorance. In other words, certainty, much less omniscience, is not necessarily our goal. This also means no one here is starting from a position of certainty on any of the issues we cover—even (especially) issues about which you might feel indubitable. We all have varying degrees of ignorance related to any and all of the topics addressed on this club page. This fact is encouraging for the simple reason that it places all of us in the same conversation with the same objectives—to move us further away from ignorance and hopefully toward truth. Therefore, no one should be concerned that his or her question or comment will not be taken seriously by me or others. No one should worry about presenting an argument that will be “shot down.” Rather, my hope is that you will want to present your case so that others can find the errors in it (and there will be errors) so that everyone in the conversation benefits.

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Interfaith Club

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