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Music Courses

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Number Title Credits
  MUS-101 Fundamentals of Music (3)
  MUS-102 Introduction to Music Literature (3)
  MUS-104 Introduction to American Music (3)
  MUS-105 Music for Elementary Teachers (3)
  MUS-106 Introduction to Non-Western Music (3)
  MUS-111 Theory of Music I (4)
  MUS-112 Theory of Music II (4)
  MUS-122 Applied Jazz Guitar for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-123 Applied Piano for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-124 Applied Voice for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-125 Applied Strings for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-126 Applied Brass for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-127 Applied Woodwinds for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-128 Applied Percussion for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-129 Applied Classical Guitar for Non-Majors (1)
  MUS-130 Applied Music for Non-Music Majors (1)
  MUS-131 Class Piano I (2)
  MUS-132 Class Piano II (2)
  MUS-133 Class Piano III (2)
  MUS-134 Class Piano IV (2)
  MUS-143 Class Voice I (2)
  MUS-144 Class Voice II (2)
  MUS-191 Chorus I (1)
  MUS-192 Chamber Singers I (1)
  MUS-193 Women's Choir II (1)
  MUS-194 Instrumental Ensemble I (1)
  MUS-195 Band I (1)
  MUS-198 Orchestra 1 (1)
  MUS-211 Theory of Music III (4)
  MUS-212 Theory of Music IV (4)
  MUS-222 Applied Jazz Guitar for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-223 Applied Piano for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-224 Applied Voice for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-225 Applied Strings for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-226 Applied Brass for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-227 Applied Woodwinds for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-228 Applied Percussion for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-229 Applied Classical Guitar for Music Major (2)
  MUS-230 Applied Music for Music Majors (2)
  MUS-251 Music Literature I (3)
  MUS-252 Music Literature II (3)
  MUS-253 Music Literature III (3)
  MUS-289 Special Topics in Music (1)
  MUS-291 Chorus II (1)
  MUS-292 Chamber Singers II (1)
  MUS-293 Women's Choir II (1)
  MUS-294 Instrumental Ensemble II (1)
  MUS-295 Band II (1)
  MUS-298 Orchestra II (1)